A contemporary coffee table: Which one is right for your home?

A contemporary coffee table: Which one is right for your home?

When you are in the mood to update the look of your living room, one of the most crucial things to change can be the coffee table. You will find a refreshing variety in wood coffee table designs that can make your modern living room look stunning. Fact is that a new contemporary centre table can make an old family room or a waiting room look like a new adventure and reigns supreme when it comes to upgrading your living room decor.

With a contemporary coffee table, sky is the limit. You can find sheesham wood coffee table, mango wood coffee table, wooden coffee table with glass top, iron wood coffee table, trunk coffee table and much more. However, some are multifunctional and can be more than just counters you place your cups and glasses upon and these are the ones best suited to smaller modern homes. Today you will find that the market is full of tables that have a wide base to accommodate hidden drawers and compartments for books, magazines, TV remotes and much more, with stylish chrome and stainless steel legs for bottom support. These are contemporary in their thought as well as design, because at the end of the day contemporary furniture is all about incorporating intelligent storage space with great designs.

If your living room is narrow and small, use a sleek coffee table wood with a standard height and longer legs. This creates more continuity of open space and can make the room look larger. However, with larger living rooms, your options are many and even carved coffee table designs in solid wood with two drawers beneath will be a good choice. Another alternative for smaller rooms can be a wooden coffee table with glass top, where the base design is wide spread and allows for virtual flow of space through the glass.

When browsing through wood coffee table designs, remember that height is the key. The surface of the table should be about 2-3 inches lower than the seat of the sofa, with standard heights being 16 to 18 inches. However, as today many people choose customized sofa designs, there is a lot of scope to customize your coffee table wood designs as well. for lower seating arrangements, the height of the coffee table can be as low as 10-12 inches while higher luxury sofas can require you to get coffee tables as high as 20 to 22 inches.

Good coffee tables are also practical and if you have kids at home, steer clear of any contemporary coffee table design with sharp edges. Choose a round or oval table instead and that too with a wooden top and never glass, until and unless the glass has been riveted to the base. A table with a shelf underneath for storing magazines or a beautiful bowl that is visible through the glass top is a brilliant choice. It is important to strike a balance between the coffee tables and sofa and if you have a solid colour couch, a leggy wooden coffee table with glass top will be a better choice. If your couch is streamlined and quite sleek, you can choose a chunkier mango wood coffee table to create balance.

Today wood coffee table designs have come a long way. In contemporary coffee table designs, you will find options that blend together different materials effortlessly, like glass, metal and even plastic with wood to create a unique style statement.

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