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DIY – Stump Table for Under $15!

This is my DIY log table! You could pay over 0 for one or. . . you could just make your own! It’s a great table to hold your glass of wine! 😉 by IndoGemstone

DIY Tree Stump Table | EP 6 | The Cutting Bored

Today, on The Cutting Bored, I’m building a stump table out of an old stump I salvaged near Mammoth Mountain, California. I’m thinking that this will be part one of three in a mini series of stump projects, so stick around for those! ➤ SUBSCRIBE: Written article for full details of the project:

One Day Build: Live Edge Slab End Table

Sooooo awhile ago while I was working for a tree service (psudo lumber jack) we cut down this walnut tree. I kept two of the slabs from it and they’ve been sitting around in my garage for 10+ years. So finally they’re dry (probably dried out a long time ago) and i decided to do

Woodworking With Kids: Safety

by IndoGemstone Woodworking With Kids: Safety When my son Andrew was five years old, he loved hanging around the shop with me. He watched the curls come off the wood as I planed a board and wanted to try it himself. I showed him how the plane blade was adjusted, demonstrated how sharp the blade

My wooden coffee table: “The Lake Table”

This is a quick video showing the steps i took to make one of these “Lake Tables”. These are fun tables too make and surprisingly very simple to make! So get you to the wood shop and make your own!! Im using the Bosch 1617EVSPK 12 Amp: Thanks for watching. • Amazon Store: