Choices in wood coffee table designs

Choices in wood coffee table designs

A coffee table is often considered a practical piece of furniture, one that we use to stand cups or magazines on, but in reality a good coffee table is much more than this. When choosing wood coffee table designs, give your choices a serious though because every style, every design and every size and shape will have a different visual impact on the available space. A centre table that is proportionate to the scale of the room, uses just enough wood to bring in warmth and style and also is well crafted can be a joy forever. And what is even better is that with coffee tables, you have the room to innovate. You might have seem people use stumps of large trees to create coffee tables by simply using the big round base as inspiration and installing a round glass in top to create a stylish table that virtually costs them peanuts. There are many ideas that you can use to find the right centre table, though the most important thing is that your table fits in to existing decor and also offers practical use.

Here are your options:

Complete wood – Solid wood coffee tables are stylish and can either be traditional or contemporary. A sleek sheesham coffee table with chrome legs will look contemporary, while a large carved coffee table with thick base and beautiful design will be perfect for a traditional setting. A dark mango wood coffee table can be a perfect blend between traditional and contemporary and can be perfect for a casual setting with mismatched couches finished in a light upholstery fabric. Here, the table will ground the furniture together and contrast beautifully with the fabric, giving the perfect decor.

Wood and Glass – For those who love wood but find that their living rooms are already filled with wooden accents, a wooden coffee table with glass top is the perfect solution. Also, this works beautifully in smaller living rooms where the glass top creates visual continuity and makes the space appear larger. The glass could be coloured, clear, frosted or even painted glass and for those who want to update their living room decor, simply changing the glass top every few years will be the perfect choice.

Wood and Wrought iron – A cheaper alternative, an iron wood coffee table is a statement making piece that looks dated and yet smart. Also, it is more durable and easier to maintain. Usually, you will find coffee tables that will have an iron base with a wooden top and these come in all shapes – round, oval, square and rectangular.

Designer Coffee Tables – Designer coffee tables are those that stand out because of their exclusive shape and attention to detail. A trunk coffee table would be a perfect choice, as would be wood coffee table designs that are low height and have a glass top, with the base used to be drawers that hold books or decorative or even potpourri and pebbles for a style statement. Some coffee table designs are works of art in themselves, with unique shapes and finishes that makes them the true focal point in any room.

Today a contemporary coffee table can be a wooden coffee table with glass top, sleek design in solid wood or even one that incorporates wood with metal. Choose what works best for your home, keeping in mind the practicality as well as the style quotient of the table.

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