Choosing the right office desk

Choosing the right office desk

In the minds eye one can visualize early man using a tree stump or a huge rock as a table. And then once he learned to cut wood and stone, man began to make objects of everyday use like rock platforms in caves to sleep on. Evidence of such platforms can be seen in ancient caves that man cut out from rock faces. Since then, furniture has adorned many forms and master craftsmen have left behind a veritable wealth in desks made from different kinds of wood and metal.

Today when we think of office desks, there are so many choices to be made. There are desks made from wood, laminate, and metal. Wood looks best but needs great care as it scars and can be affected by changes in humidity. Desks made of laminate or metal are cheaper and long lasting.

Before you set out to buy a desk jot down what it will be used for, the size appropriate for the room, and the style of the room in case there are other desks or cabinets in the room. An ideal desk should have space for files, a telephone, a center workspace, drawers to store things in, and comfortable leg space. Choose between an L or U shaped desk, executive desk, computer desk, training table, reception desk, and conference room table.

When evaluating a desk examine the drawers. They should have rounded edges, metal suspension rollers, and should open and shut smoothly even when filled with things. The bottoms should be made of heavy plywood or veneer and not plastic melanine sheet. If there is laminate it should be a thick high pressure laminate and should withstand stains, scratches, as well as be water mark resistant. Irrespective of the material used, a desk must be heavy and of good workmanship–check for gaps and rough edges.

Always buy desks after comparison shopping. High-end desks can be bought at low cost if you are prepared to consider remanufactured or second hand furniture. The best time to strike a bargain is in the summer months when business is slow. Pay attention to the warranty being offered. This reflects the life expectancy of the desk. Mid-market varieties generally come with a warranty of 5-15 years while high-end desks are designed to last several decades.

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