DIY Floating Log End Table | Modern Builds | EP. 5

My take on the popular log end table made from a tree trunk. I’ve updated it by using a spacer on the bottom to make it “float” off of the ground.
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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery

Look for some tree wood on Craiglist for FREE, with a little sanding and painting you could have a high-end looking furniture.
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40 Responses to DIY Floating Log End Table | Modern Builds | EP. 5

  1. Edddy Salas says:

    Great video and beautiful end result!! I have a couple of very nice shaped stump in my property, when i when to pick them up i saw ants like insects which im pretty sure are termites. how/what can I do to make sure i kill them all and that the stump is termites free before bringing it into the house? I own a raised A-frame and of course it's all wood. Thanks!!! EDDY.

  2. Thomas Halks says:

    Episode 4 disappeared?!

  3. Diego Morrongiello says:


  4. Vinny Verma says:

    Is there a way we can add a drawer to it? just an idea!

  5. Sema Börü says:

    I have a wood like this but no one can do it like you so im sad but happier more to find you on youtube, I enjoy my time of watching you.

  6. Cole New says:

    Where did you get the wood?

  7. Raven Wings says:

    Love it. Sweet, simple and functional.

  8. Hotashi says:

    Great project! Did you have to deal with any sap? What would you recommend for getting the sap off the wood before sanding and staining?

  9. Banister Clemens says:

    more videos these are life

  10. James Stevick says:

    carving a little rectangular hole in the sides with the chainsaw (for storage of books, knick knacks, etc) would be a neat way to improve an already great idea 🙂

  11. supdus says:

    hey just a tip… if you use a chalk line…. spray the snapped line with hair spray

  12. Richard Raymond says:

    I had log in my back yard. I made one like it. I used wire brush wheel in my drill on the sides. silky smooth

  13. kai Holley says:

    that was cool i will make one to

  14. Savvy Savages says:

    All the hipsters asking about shoes…

  15. Hannes Riedel says:

    I like your work so much! Thanks you!

  16. Endless Journey says:

    nice. could have filled up the rot hole with some wood filler or apoxy.

  17. F Con says:

    Nice build. If I were to do this, I'd end up taking an extra level and wiring up some LED's to use as underglow under the floating part, then maybe routing out a channel to the back/hidden part of the log to run a toggle switch up to the table surface. Food for thought if you want to get crafty next time you make one.


    thumbs up! what's the height of your table?

  19. hotmoon226 says:

    Great job! I will make one too.

  20. ron skelton says:

    does it have to be kiln dried first?

  21. Владимир Путин says:

    I've found great handbook on woodprix website. Good solutions for everyone I think

  22. Lori Ecker says:

    What is an "Idle" brush? I know I will need this to smooth it down before sanding. Thanks!

  23. Sam Loh says:

    Very good video thank you saved me $240!!!!!!

  24. Nigel Murton says:

    thanks for the video …I will attempt to try

  25. Graham Horne says:

    Did you put that knife back in your drawer? The stump didn't turn out that good. It should have been left as is with a nice natural stain and then sealed. Thumbs down.

  26. PaperSwish Roll says:

    Can you wax the top of the stump? And how do you smooth off the top and how do you make it shine and stuff?

  27. Ragheeb Khan says:

    Should have use polyurethane finish instead of copper. The would protect the wood AND bring out it's natural color

  28. Louisiana Country Life! says:

    I have several 30 inch white oak cut offs, I'm gonna try this…..thanks for the video!

  29. rubberman473 says:

    Very nice. Will give it a try tomorrow!

  30. tips says:

    I'm gonna do this now I have tons of stumps

  31. Fitness Pro Expert says:

    Awww your so sweet😘

  32. Donald Lopez says:
  33. Donald Lopez says:

    I love your woodworkers looks similar to my work

  34. Love Peace and Bacon Grease says:

    Very nice…..Love your accent too.

  35. varun jadwani says:

    Don't leave it out in the sun. Leave it in a cool, dark and dry place to cure for AT LEAST three months. This depends on the size and condition (constitution and moisture content) of the piece. Drying too quickly will result in cracking and unless you're looking for that, avoid the sun.

  36. 289mike289 says:

    Thumbs up to the "God Bless You" part in the video and same to you!!!! And it's a cool ideal too!

  37. ozc itapit says:

    Great job thank you for the inspiration! 

  38. عبد الهادي العنزي says:

    good job sister as you said it's an easy project for beginners

  39. MIX MAX says:

    This is an easy project for beginners 🙂

  40. MIX MAX says:

    Thank you guys for the thumbs up 🙂

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