DIY Tree Stump Table, harvesting and construction | clear trunk coffee table

DIY Tree Stump Table, harvesting and construction | clear trunk coffee table

DIY Tree Stump Table, harvesting and construction
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Earlier this year I made a Slab Coffee Table with a Carved & Textured Base. I also put a Copper finish on the base. I have 4 other videos on this build and this video gives a quick summary of those 4 plus this video includes info on how I did the Copper finish on the base. More info on my blog:

Here are links to the Copper and Bronze paints that I used:

Iridescent Copper Paint Light – A gold colored copper

Irridescent Copper Paint Fine – More of a reddish colored copper paint

Irridescent Bronze Paint – Bronze colored paint

Rustoleum Satin Espresso – Used for brown base coat

The other 4 videos on this table are:

How to Flatten a Slab with a Router

How I Constructed the Coopered “Tree Trunk” Table Base:

How I Sculpted and Textured the “Tree Trunk” Table Base:

How and Why I Inlaid Stars in the Slab Table Top:

Opheliea’s Blues by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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22 Responses to DIY Tree Stump Table, harvesting and construction | clear trunk coffee table

  1. smittyken says:

    Any chance you found the legs online and could reply w link

  2. Rog Marcot says:


  3. U Do It says:

    We had a storm roll through with some high winds. It destroyed a tree at our local nursery. I told them to save me a couple of cross sections so I could make a table out of it. How long should I wait for these cross sections to dry before I can start working on it or can I start right away?

  4. Kenny Lunsford says:

    You need a band aid buddy. Your bleeding pure talent.

  5. Nagib Hawk says:

    This was great! Quick question, what router bit did you use to plane the top?

  6. Steve Parker says:

    I'm not skilled enough to do that, and don't have that equipment, but the table looks lovely, I'd buy it from you if I didn't live in the UK, and it was for sale.

  7. rgingeri says:

    Amazing table! You started with such a cool piece of walnut and that base is just incredible. I was shocked to see in the video that it was texturing you did by hand. Looking forward to watching your other videos.

  8. Jace A. says:

    awesome. what is the thickness of the slab? is it one consistent thickness?

  9. William Pitzer says:

    How clever!!

  10. Kory Amundson says:

    WOW, thats beautiful. you made it look easy. I just subscribed!

  11. Alex 2Q says:

    Great work! I love the texture of the table base it looks quite realistic! Was that a proxxon angle grinder you used there?

  12. Agustin Greca says:

    This is amazing craftmanship! it tourned out amazing! did you sell it? I subbed because of this table

  13. Lynn Mckenney says:

    Ok…potentially foolish question.

    You only used the sled on one side of the slab? How did you make sure the other side was perfectly level?? I originally thought you used the shims to level it, but then realized you wouldn't be able to get a proper level reading because the top of the slab itself wasn't level until you used the sled on it?

    Am I just overthinking this?

  14. Michael Lawing says:

    This is absolutely fantastic!

  15. Josue Pires says:

    The base looks very dificult to make… Well done!

  16. Bernie Betham says:

    I like the way you work,a definite Craftsman.I am a old Machinist,but my hobby was making things out of Wood..Good going I'll watch for future Projects.thanks

  17. Miter Mike's Woodshop says:

    wow that looks great, i mean the table not my sticker…

  18. CrazyRussianWoodShop says:

    Great job, Charlie! It is really is one of a kind type of woodworking project!

  19. Tomas Lainas says:

    i think you did pretty good, even though the bottom looks not real, it takes a few seconds to see it.


    Btw, I have to try that, maybe in a smaller piece, but oh yeah…so great!


    One of the most beautiful works I've seen! Thank you for sharing. I'm truly inspired and feel excited. I love the techniques used.

  22. jp woodwork says:

    WOW What a beautiful piece!! this needs to go viral 🙂

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