How to Build a Coffee Table // DIY

I built a Coffee Table with a hidden remote drawer using some 2×6’s for the table top, and a 6×6 post for the legs.

I did a two-tone stain by using a dark walnut stain, scraping it off once dried, then applying a golden oak stain overtop, and finished it off with 5 coats of wipe on poly.

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  1. Round Wood Coffee Table Tips says:

    the music is so annoying haha but the table built was very nice,

  2. Petr Holusa says:


  3. Kel4everSmiles says:

    Gorgeous work ! I'm attempting to make a coffee table and a bit frustrated. I want to use
    4 x 4 posts,but everything I find is treated and won't stain like the rest of my wood..Does anyone Know where I can purchase raw posts ?

  4. xSLWRTHNUx says:

    You're going to have issues with those breadboard ends. Having them doweled and glued will probably end up separating due to lack of room to expand and contract. There are tons of videos about this for reference if you wanted to do research on it.

  5. Rick Cuchel says:

    your breadboard ends don't allow for wood expansion!

  6. Rocket Design Furniture says:

    Love your channel. Keep it up.

  7. BTOriginals says:

    where was the "how to" portion? I learned how to stain a table and watched a montage of someone building a table…

  8. Hotrod Hog says:

    I don't think you are supposed to glue the end boards all the way across. The table will expand and bust it all up.

  9. Nelson W says:

    This is great! The joint crafter dowling jig! I've never seen one of those before. Awesome. Thanks for posting this!

  10. epualc says:

    "How to build a coffee table", of course because we all have all those tools at home ¬ ¬

  11. tanner alford says:

    what was the tool used to scrape the walnut finish off?

  12. Darren Jones says:

    Nice table. Shit music.

  13. elias pereira says:

    This is worthy for any to-do list, have you seen some of the awesome projects found in Woody Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible? as seen on his website. Thanks for the video, bookmarked!

  14. Stroker Ace says:

    Such a great job. I am needing a project for all the pallets I pulled apart. I was going to do night stands , but I might do a coffee table.

  15. Howard Moore says:

    Watching you run the jointer with out a push tool runs shivers up my spine. My father built cabinets in his shop and growing up there was a push stick tied to every machine. It didn't dawn on me until later why dad managed to plane most of his fingers of on his left hand. He got just first knuckle his middle finger , the second knuckle on his ring finger and all of his pinky. Mom said she knew there was a problem when he came out of the shop with out a shirt on ( he wrapped it around his hand ) and by the time he got to the house (20 feet) it had soaked though and blood was dripping off of it . There isn't any sewing your finger back on when you plane it of like there is with a circle saw

  16. Laura Callsen says:

    skipped almost everything because I couldn't cope with this music… =(

  17. Fat Sniper says:


  18. James Norlund says:

    did you use any wood conditioner before the stain? I know pine is tricky that way. is it pine?

  19. pccalcio says:


  20. vikings844 says:

    Instead of using a planers you could use a blow torch also to create the same look.

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