Instead Of Declawing Get A Cat Scratching Post

Instead Of Declawing Get A Cat Scratching Post

Cats can be fickle creatures at times; we love them so much that we often spare no expense for their food, toys, coat shampoos, etc — but they still love to scratch everything in sight and often it will be your $ 2000 sofa, pricey chair, or the legs of your dining room table. That’s why it’s so important to have a cat scratching post in your home, since the companies that make them, create a product that is more appealing to your cat than anything else in your home.

You can’t fight nature

Cats like to scratch so they can keep their claws at the appropriate length, while also keeping them razor sharp. This isn’t something to hold against them, as it’s something that is hard wired into their genetics (in the wild a cats claws are weapons for latching onto prey before they make a kill, or defensive weapons against predators).

Options galore

There are so many cat scratching post designs available to consumers that you will likely have a hard time making a decision. The consensus among cat lovers and cat experts seems to be that the majority of felines seem to prefer a tree stump style cat scratching post, over other designs. Of course, your cat will have their own preference and it doesn’t hurt to have more than one (I.e., one for upstairs and one for downstairs).

If you can start your kitten off with a readily available cat scratching post: There may never be a need to consider declawing them, since declawing is considered a major surgery for your cat. To make your cat even more happy: Find a post that has some other play toys like spring-mounted bouncy balls and perhaps find a post with a soft cozy perch on top where they can lounge in the sun to relax.

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