My wooden coffee table: “The Lake Table”

My wooden coffee table:

This is a quick video showing the steps i took to make one of these “Lake Tables”. These are fun tables too make and surprisingly very simple to make! So get you to the wood shop and make your own!!
Im using the Bosch 1617EVSPK 12 Amp:

Thanks for watching.
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We’ve got a simple solution to the ever-present search for the perfect end table: a tree stump. In this video, Master Craftsman Rob North demonstrates how to make a tree stump table that will add a more rustic feel to any room in your house. Get the project plan here:

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This Craftsman video is about how to make a tree stump table.

29 Responses to My wooden coffee table: “The Lake Table”

  1. Victor Rumenov says:

    great lake table !

  2. TheBishop12 says:

    would make one of those cool coffee table fish tanks

  3. Darin Cates says:

    Very nice work!

  4. Chase Phelps says:

    It would be cool as a fish tank…

  5. La Nomia - Everything baby names says:

    Looks really great. Would be a nice thing in a back yard. Thanks for sharing:)

  6. Lizzie Huff says:

    Did you make a pun at the end? Lake instead of like?

  7. GoWinPie says:

    Just wondering. Why are you using that brand of pencilTo expensive for tracing I use them on professional art prices 😂😂

  8. RowanBows says:

    which wood is that cedar?

  9. DarkSeraph351 says:

    How heavy is it?

  10. Mercurio says:

    I wish I had buddies with great old logs like that just laying around on their property!

  11. Chris Whitaker says:


  12. Jared Thomson says:

    Please lake and subscribe.

  13. Beaverj420 says:

    great video! now you have me prowling the neighborhood for dead trees. thanks.

  14. Colin Adelsman says:

    Why did 12 year old do a voice over

  15. Elliot Lambert says:

    Nice bro 🙂

  16. D Myrick says:

    niceee man

  17. Sophie Nelson says:

    the rings on this wood is amazing great job

  18. Valery Ivantsov says:

    A vivid example of how you can fuck up a smart idea. Holes, in muddy acrylic, will look incomplete without rusty nails hammered not to the end and bent.

  19. King Rivers says:

    Make a frozen lake with a woolly mammoth in the middle.

  20. Phil says:

    That's a cool idea but as others have said a light inside would look amazing, still great idea 👍

  21. baskerville says:

    love your table,excellent idea,like crafting also but always seem to be a little dissapointed with my finished coating,tried danish oil but doesnt bring the grain out that well on silver birch or pine which is the timber i use.will try your finish though and see,great vid

  22. Gary McArthur says:

    beautiful man.

  23. Craftsman says:

    #FortheLOVEof natural living. Make a stump table and be one with nature while you're in your living room.

  24. GK Gamer says:

    I like it!!! But my wife wants hers to have the bark left on it. So is there a way to preserve the bark??? Please help…

  25. Tony Allenby says:

    love your cheerful enthusiasm buddy! Thanks for the vid. Tony (UK)

  26. Jeff Girton says:

    Found a stump this weekend. On it!
    Is there any need to let it dry before doing any work on it?

  27. MrFXMCG says:

    I would like to keep the bark on the stump. Would you recommend the same mixture for the sealant? Would it also be applied over the bark, too? Thanks for your video. It's really informative!

  28. KonstantinKuehn says:

    If you dont take the bark off, the wood could start to rot or get a bug issue

  29. Pritish Thomas says:

    What if i dnt take of the bark..nd polish it as it is…???
    Pls …stump is sitting in the back yard…

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