Slabcutting tree trunk for handcrafted furniture

Slabcutting tree trunk for handcrafted furniture

The wood that Michael McDunn and gallery wood artists use comes from various sources, over half comes from felled trees and other found or reclaimed wood. This large trunk section was brought by flat-bed truck from a local donation. Tree wood is usually donated by people who don’t want to see it burned or otherwise wasted. If a tree dies or must be removed, this is a good way to see that it has a long-term afterlife. Its parts can become heirloom furniture and artwork, and exist for generations.
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20 Responses to Slabcutting tree trunk for handcrafted furniture

  1. bill wright says:
  2. Janak Patell says:
  3. Galavanta says:

    Thank god they are not my neighbors 

  4. Mike Schlak says:

    Thats a great way to make a couple nice saws worthless

  5. terrance217 says:

    Now if that was a nice slab of Honduran Mahogany to make a Gibson double neck then it would be porn…

  6. fdfdfdfdfdfd says:

    i would put nails on every tree in our local forest. That would troll the wood millers someday.

  7. Aurel Lal says:

    Perfect LIKE

  8. Oregon Drift And Burlwood LLC says:

    I have 3 Alasken mills up to 84 inch's and use them to slab burls all the time. Though these folks did not know how to use the saw they purchased to slab this oak up it did do the job. Slow constant pressure with two good operators that know when to back off just a bit to allow the saw to speed up and bite in.  my saws are a combined 236cc of raw power and the saw cuts quite well.  But then I do have a true guide set up to set my cuts.   and these saw cut forward and reverse. not 1 way like a bandsaw does. ODB 541 270 7614. Maple burl and high figure logs and slabs of the Oregon coast. Give us a call.

  9. Adam Wilson says:

    that saw sucks ass

  10. Martin Breuer says:

    Use LOGOSOL at next time!

  11. Koplak Nginden says:

    My god…. this is very efficient tool!!!!! No need to make hard move to the log, hauling them to the sawn timber factory and make many moves to make flatwood for  furniture….. very nice engine!!!!

  12. hetchiballi says:

    Lucia if that were an oak you would have to touch the chain,two light strokes, every two cuts. You use a 'rip chain'.
    Question for you bandsaw boys. Which bandsaw cuts a 50" diam log into slabs?
    How long to get it into the backyatd and srt it up and take it out when you are done?
    How much does the 50" throat bandsae cost?
    Good job fellas!

  13. Рамиль Хусаинов says:

    Дружба – 2!

  14. King Théoden says:

    I guess for home-use it's alright (simple enough), but for anything more, using this is least way how you want to do it – waste, consumption = price, ammount of work, time …

  15. libra8a says:

    LOL just what I was thinking. Wouldn't a band saw work much better with less waste?

  16. ElloetteLightbringer says:

    I have a piece of wood that I want to make into a table top. It is a cross section of a precious listed tree that had to be felled 🙁 can you tell me if I need to treat it or dry it before I start sanding and paring the wood. It Iwade felled yesterday and is now inside my flat in London which is heated with radiators. It still has the bark round the edge and I'd love to keep the bark on. It is American/red Oak and has 67 rings. Please advise ASAP. Thank you xx

  17. CROSSAWGA says:

    King Theodon, Check Out My Junk and Tell Me What You Think About It.

  18. lu PW says:

    How often do you have to sharpen the chain when cutting this way.

  19. OO says:

    i hugged that tree,sad.

  20. an21982 says:

    картина маслом! два дурака!

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