Stump Stools First Attempt

So I am trying to develop the best way to make these stump stools, and I think I figured out every wrong way to do them. Here are some things I have learned along the way:
1. Use logs that have already shed their bark, they will be drier and it will save a ton of work.
2. Do not use a wire wheel, it gouges the wood too much, then you spend a ton of time sanding out the gouges.
3. Spar urethane takes too many coats to build up a good layer. I later switched to epoxy.
4. When using epoxy, the end grain has to be sealed, either with several coats of urethane, or with wood filler. I tried both with mixed results.
The last 2 pictures in this video were finished with epoxy which gives it a beautiful thick, durable, wet-look coating.

Enjoy the video!

Music by Ryan Little
“Julius Caesar”
Used with Permission

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12 Responses to Stump Stools First Attempt

  1. Mustapha Elfakir says:

    With which product you have the finish

  2. Casandra Hanson says:

    why did you plug it and do you all tree trumps that way.

  3. ronald peterson says:

    nice job

  4. EpixDevo says:

    Look at spot

  5. Qwick In-4 says:

    Nice video…..Great Job. I'm making a few to go around the pool. Thanks.

  6. Corey Gruber says:

    How long was your piece drying? Did you have to put a sealing stain? Or can you go straight for the epoxy?

  7. J J says:

    That has to be the worst effort I have ever seen
    Go back to working on cars

  8. Robert Cornelius says:

    First, young one, you need to straighten out the fins on the AC condenser. Doing this will help teach you patience. Second, young one, don't be a perfectionist on the first dozen or so. You'll thank me later.

  9. Todd Weller says:

    Great job, looks awesome!

  10. Opa's Workshop says:

    I was wondering how long it was going to take to figure out to put that plug in there before you put the resin in LOL nice job on the stool hey we should probably get together since we live so close to each other and do a couple of collaboration videos let me know what you think


    Very nice bro i like it my friend 🙂

  12. Saul Rosas says:

    Amazing. I always see stumps that big in my hood but all I see in them are Tikis. Good work!

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