Stylish Trunk Coffee Tables

Stylish Trunk Coffee Tables

If standard four leg coffee tables just won’t do, consider this trendy alternative, the Trunk Coffee Table. In addition to being a practical table, the trunk coffee table adds flair and storage.

An added perk of using a table trunk is the extra storage. By definition a trunk is meant to hold things, and this is true of a trunk table as well. Every house can use some extra storage. The trunk can provide copious storage to a room that has no closets, shelves, or other means of storing things. Items for entertaining guests are easily in reach.

One of the benefits a trunk can provide that is lacking in a normal table is additional storage. By its very nature a trunk can hold a large number of items, which is what trunks do. No one in any house has ever lamented having extra storage. A trunk can provide large amounts of storage in a room that would otherwise have none. When entertaining guests, it is nice to always have games and such in reach. Due to its large size, a trunk can easily hold much more than just games. It can be a convenient place to store blankets and pillows. In a room with a TV or stereo, digital entertainment device such as CD’s or DVD’s or video games could also be kept there. Moreover, on top of all the extra storage, the trunk can also be used as a table. Drinks, candles, books or magazines can be placed on the table top.

Trunks come in two varieties, the hump back and the flat top. The flat top is obviously the preferred choice if one wishes to use the trunk as a table. Inheriting a trunk from a family member is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to obtain a trunk. In addition to being free, it will also come with an interesting back-story, one that can be shared with guests.

If inheritance is not an option, you can always buy one. New trunks can be bought at most furniture or home decor stores. If money is a problem, second hand stores, antique shops or local auctions are a good place to look. Having added a trunk to your home, the room will now have style and potentially something really interesting to talk about.

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