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How to Make a Stump Table (Real Easy!)

Here’s a stump table I made from a dead ash tree for the leaves of the table and the stump of another ash tree. Pretty simple but works out great at the campsite. Thanks for watching. Please Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCAHe23BfKUHhKKTx-40ycw?sub_confirmation=1 The song Dusty Road by Jingle Punks is sourced form YouTube Audio Library. Check out my

Xmas Tree Care – Real Is Easy!

by Internet Archive Book Images Xmas Tree Care – Real Is Easy! Those people who have artificial Xmas trees will almost always never admit it but, when they see and smell the fragrance of a real Xmas tree they would swap their artificial Xmas tree in a second. The aroma alone of real Xmas trees,