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DIY Tree Stump Table | EP 6 | The Cutting Bored

Today, on The Cutting Bored, I’m building a stump table out of an old stump I salvaged near Mammoth Mountain, California. I’m thinking that this will be part one of three in a mini series of stump projects, so stick around for those! ➤ SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/pOkvJR Written article for full details of the project: http://thecuttingbored.com/blog/the-stump-side-table

Tenonizer – Stump Table Part 1

If it’s suited to keep a tree standing upright, surely it’s good enough to do the same for your dining room table. In this episode of Tenonizer’s A Piece of the Woods, Mike Heintzeman guides you through the first steps of implementing this unique table design. Video Rating: / 5 by Wicker Paradise

Stump Stools First Attempt

So I am trying to develop the best way to make these stump stools, and I think I figured out every wrong way to do them. Here are some things I have learned along the way: 1. Use logs that have already shed their bark, they will be drier and it will save a ton

DIY Tree Stump Table, harvesting and construction

The process of harvesting, crafting, and constructing this coffee table out of a 150 pound tree stump that I came across while hiking. Enjoy. Video Rating: / 5 Today on Modern Builds I’m making my second ever Live Edge slab table. I’m using a router-sled jig to flatten it out. http://www.modernbuilds.com/modern-live-edge-coffee-table 16″ Hairpin Legs by

DIY Tree Stump Table, harvesting and construction | clear trunk coffee table

DIY Tree Stump Table, harvesting and construction Video Rating: / 5 Earlier this year I made a Slab Coffee Table with a Carved & Textured Base. I also put a Copper finish on the base. I have 4 other videos on this build and this video gives a quick summary of those 4 plus this