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Xmas Tree Care – Real Is Easy!

by Internet Archive Book Images Xmas Tree Care – Real Is Easy! Those people who have artificial Xmas trees will almost always never admit it but, when they see and smell the fragrance of a real Xmas tree they would swap their artificial Xmas tree in a second. The aroma alone of real Xmas trees,

Tree Root, Oak And Glass Coffee Table: Reborn From Disaster…………… DSNERV

So the glass finally arrived and I am able to post the conclusion to my Tree Root Coffee Table Disaster video. I hope you all like the direction I decided to take when thinking up a way of reusing the tree root and making something workable. I know that I’m happy with how it turned

Slabcutting tree trunk for handcrafted furniture

The wood that Michael McDunn and gallery wood artists use comes from various sources, over half comes from felled trees and other found or reclaimed wood. This large trunk section was brought by flat-bed truck from a local donation. Tree wood is usually donated by people who don’t want to see it burned or otherwise

Creative Reusable Things To Do With a Damaged Pine Tree

by allaboutevelyn Creative Reusable Things To Do With a Damaged Pine Tree Pine trees are evergreens that are hardy in harsh weather and withstand many of Mother Nature’s assaults. These trees often grow very large and tall, depending on the species. When they are struck by lightning or lose limbs in hurricanes and snowstorms, the

Tree Root Coffee Table Disaster………………….. DSNERV

OK so I have spent to much time and given myself far to many hand blisters sawing through this root to give up on it now. The original plan was to create a circular coffee table with a glass top but things have changed and now I need your suggestions on what I should do