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Slabcutting tree trunk for handcrafted furniture

The wood that Michael McDunn and gallery wood artists use comes from various sources, over half comes from felled trees and other found or reclaimed wood. This large trunk section was brought by flat-bed truck from a local donation. Tree wood is usually donated by people who don’t want to see it burned or otherwise

Vintage Trunk Turned Treasure

What starts as a trip to the thrift store..ends with a one-of-a-kind coffee table. See how an old trunk gets a complete transformation, not to mention, “new legs.” This video will show you how the trunk was painted teal blue, how wooden legs were stained and screwed to the bottom, and how deteriorated leather handles

DIY Tree Stump Table, harvesting and construction | clear trunk coffee table

DIY Tree Stump Table, harvesting and construction Video Rating: / 5 Earlier this year I made a Slab Coffee Table with a Carved & Textured Base. I also put a Copper finish on the base. I have 4 other videos on this build and this video gives a quick summary of those 4 plus this

Stylish Trunk Coffee Tables

by Internet Archive Book Images Stylish Trunk Coffee Tables If standard four leg coffee tables just won’t do, consider this trendy alternative, the Trunk Coffee Table. In addition to being a practical table, the trunk coffee table adds flair and storage. An added perk of using a table trunk is the extra storage. By definition

Trunk Coffee Table is an Incredible Table

by CastawayVintage Trunk Coffee Table is an Incredible Table The trunk coffee table is a brilliant choice when buying a wooden table. This is a trunk table that is not only considered as furniture but trunk furniture with storage unit. Buying this sort of coffee table will not waste your money. The use of a