Tenonizer – Stump Table Part 1

If it’s suited to keep a tree standing upright, surely it’s good enough to do the same for your dining room table. In this episode of Tenonizer’s A Piece of the Woods, Mike Heintzeman guides you through the first steps of implementing this unique table design.
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20 Responses to Tenonizer – Stump Table Part 1

  1. Joey Night Train says:

    Mannn… The tips ✨✨✨👍🏼

  2. Joey Night Train says:

    Love your method

  3. Jim Basara says:

    Was this a fresh green stump when you worked on it, or did it go through a drying process first?

  4. Swedish Holmberg says:

    You could tape the pencil to the block and just push the block around….

  5. SammyJo CatLady says:

    I hope you took that bottom slice at  5:29 and made some awesome wall art

  6. Gina Always a VIP! says:

    Thanks for sharing your videos I've been trying to figure out how to finish my walnut stumps.

  7. Lee Barker says:

    Awesome video really enjoyed it thank you

  8. bubba bear says:

    wonderful video what part of the usa are in ??

  9. ShadeTreeChef says:

    That stump would make a great wedding gift. You could it represents two people growing together to make something beautiful and useful. Pretty cool.

  10. Stefan Ravn says:

    oh, right, this is what tv looked like….

  11. Yun Chang says:

    great presentation, learned a lot.

  12. Ashda Kreator says:

    Excellent tutorial. I learnt many tips. Thanks.

  13. carino tresvinos says:

    Excellent video! You are perfect in explaining what you do. Thanks

  14. mike68357 says:

    The "Clean to the Bone?" Same method as debarking Jack Pine with high pressure water and a rotational nozzle; this is presented with more detail on Log Furniture 101

  15. veronica power says:

    i really wanna know the cleaning process, from the dirt to the bone clean result, i m sure i m not the only one

  16. Love Peace and Bacon Grease says:

    How much do you get for a stump??

  17. Barbannh says:

    Thanks for sharing your process. I found it very interesting. Although you shouldn't assume only men with wives are watching!!

  18. Alexbogdan says:

    Зер гуд!Отличная работа

  19. michal kapitan says:

    Haloo .. how you take off skin from roots ? doing whit a wather gun ?Thenks for video !! its very nice and aducational

  20. MANUEL GRANJA says:

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