Tiffany Style Table Lamps – Classic Home Decor

Tiffany Style Table Lamps – Classic Home Decor

Tiffany Style Table Lamps have been extremely popular for a number of years. Maybe it’s their unique designs, or their beautiful and colorful stained glass panels, or that they are part of the Art Nouveau Movement, which was a period the exuded both class and luxury. For whatever reason, you can find Tiffany lamps that will fit into any décor.

The thing that most distinguishes a Tiffany lamp from a regular desk lamp is of course the lamp shade. Tiffany style lamps are a wonderful blend of stained glass, and metal, soldered together in perfect harmony. There are many different colors and patterns in these shades, from cool and demure tones of greens and blues to vibrant reds and yellows, and just about every kind of design you can think of. This is really where you need to start when you are looking for the right Tiffany lamp for your home or work place.

The other thing you need to be looking for with Tiffany lamps is what their function is going to be for you. There are table lamps in just about every shape and style, from free standing antique pieces, to contemporary table lamps with articulating arms that provide light wherever you need it. In order to help you decide which desk lamp style may be right for you, here are a few examples of the many different Tiffany lamps to choose from. While these descriptions are as detailed as limited space allows, they don’t do the Tiffany style lamps justice.

One of the most affordable of the Tiffany desk lamps styles is the Tiffany Style Adjustable Desk Lamp. The one I saw had a red lamp shade. This multifaceted adjustable table lamp has two arms that can be moved into a number of different heights, and tightened down with just a turn of a small handle. The switch is on the top of the table lamp head, and the shade is a wonderful collection of deep red and rich cream panels. The base itself is in a rich copper tone, which gives this product a modern yet antique look to it. It stands 12″ high, and is 16″ long and 11″ wide. It will accept any style forty watt bulb. While this lamp retails for around $ 100, you can buy it for less if you search the web.

There are also three other Tiffany adjustable desk lamps to choose from, all under $ 100. The Tiffany style green desk lamp is almost the same, but the shade is a pale green with triangular green and orange edge. There are two different Peatail desk lamps to choose from. One is an Amber/Red color, and the other a Blue/Purple color. This product has a slightly darker base color than the rest.

There are also many other free standing Tiffany lamps in an abundance of shapes and styles to choose from. The Tiffany Peatail Accent desk lamp is perfect for small desk or bedside table, and features a colorful purple stained peatail style shade. This model is just 13″ high and 7″ in diameter, and comes with a Candle line styled switch. The base is also wonderfully detailed in the peatail design, with an antique finish. This product accepts any 25 watt bulb.

For more elaborately styles, there is the Cathedral Tiffany Table Lamp This brightly colored Tiffany lamp has multiple colors, in a Cathedral hanging shade design. It is 19″ high and 12″ in diameter. It takes two 60 watt bulbs and features two socket pull chains. This is a wonderful lamp that gives you the option of having a soft or sharper area of illumination.

One unique and different style is the Tiffany Maple Leaf Uneven Table Lamp. This is a truly remarkable piece of functioning art work. The shade has uneven maple leaf style edges, with rich reds, greens and yellows, reminiscent of a trip through the country on a fall afternoon. This product features a pull chain socket and accepts two 60 watt bulbs as well. It measures 25″ high and 19″ in diameter.

Lastly, one of the most popular, is the Tiffany Wisteria Style table lamp. This lightly colored blue and green leaf colored shade is a dome design with an uneven edge flowing edge. This table lamp accepts a single 60 watt bulb with a chain cord. This lamp measures 10″ in diameter and 16″ high, and is sure to brighten a room. The base has a tree trunk design, making this table lamp really unique.

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