Tree Root Coffee Table Disaster………………….. DSNERV

OK so I have spent to much time and given myself far to many hand blisters sawing through this root to give up on it now.
The original plan was to create a circular coffee table with a glass top but things have changed and now I need your suggestions on what I should do to salvage the root and get it into a working project.
Sometimes things like this happen for a reason so lets try and create something cool out of this disaster.
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tree root table
by C1ssou

20 Responses to Tree Root Coffee Table Disaster………………….. DSNERV

  1. Claudino M.Poersch says:


  2. Victor Rumenov says:

    great table man!!!

  3. wu-tang x says:

    OMG!! oups, Saddened for you, me, that arrives at me all the time

  4. Asafan Newton says:

    2:45 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Ontario Lakeside says:

    I could feel the pain from here!

  6. Martin l. says:


  7. Slant Six says:

    The root of trees can produce incredible grain and figure, but you have to be careful to avoid ruining your saw blade on rocks. I once saw a gun stock in figured root, it was stunning looking.

  8. john wadsworth says:


  9. molly clock says:

    i learned something today by watching your video.

    thank you.


  10. Olivia Bishop says:

    what a shame…

  11. яков привалов says:

    Только подумал сейчас сломает :)))

  12. David Q says:

    that moment at 2:46 and the look on your face @ 2:54. Man oh man have I been there more often than I'd like to remember with metalworking, or any DIY project for that matter. Onwards mate! What did you en up doing with it?

    PS: I think it's cool that you uploaded and shared the "fail". It happens to all of us and in an instagram facebook world where everyone is so bloody perfect it's good to upload those shit moments too.

    Keep up the great and inspired work. cheers

  13. Crab Man says:

    It's a good idea, but gotta find a log solid throughout. Love the concept though, defiantly wanna try this myself one day.

  14. Greekgod God says:

    It broke because you have all those gay tattoos, lol

  15. KarlBunker says:

    I'm inspired to see that you were willing and able to cut that slab with a hand saw. It's a great reminder that we should all avoid thinking "I can't do XYZ — I don't have the right power tool,"

  16. Rossmann says:

    Easy to fix, but those steel legs? nahh, you make some wood legs sir hehe. And 3 legs make it fit every where. Anyway, cool video

  17. Erik says:

    Glad it didn't break, with beer on it.. Nice to see you put the pieces to good use after all.

  18. ToolsConsumables says:

    Who would have thought that this old root could yield such a beautiful top. The power of creative imagination is boundless. After seeing you labouring so hard to witness the disaster; I commiserate wit you. Is it not possible to add a slab &/ a sheet of wood underneath as a form of support so as to allow you to exploit your rod idea?. I hope & am sure an individual with such talent will come wit an original solution. I'll be sure to keep watching. Keep it my old fruit. Kind regards.

  19. asmar eahpi says:

    واو حلو 😲😲

  20. tavan love says:

    🙂 😀

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