Tree Root, Oak And Glass Coffee Table: Reborn From Disaster…………… DSNERV

So the glass finally arrived and I am able to post the conclusion to my Tree Root Coffee Table Disaster video.
I hope you all like the direction I decided to take when thinking up a way of reusing the tree root and making something workable. I know that I’m happy with how it turned out.
Thanks to FallenAngel, Siyamak Norouz Nasseri, mcwurth, Daniel Boa, joe Schlotthauer and everyone else that commented with great ideas about the best way for me to move forward with the project.
I hope you enjoy watching.
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20 Responses to Tree Root, Oak And Glass Coffee Table: Reborn From Disaster…………… DSNERV

  1. Larry Holloway says:

    thats one sexy table bro and in a few differnt angles it almost looks like a dragon thanks for sharing

  2. Anas Bukhari says:

    I agree with Glen Lightner. Although towards the end, and this is just for the laughs, I did think it looked like an oak-rook coffin. LOL. 😀

  3. Liliy Elen says:

    Halal olsun.

  4. DarkReaver27 says:

    Oh man I feel your pain. When you went to go sit up the table and it feel apart. So many times I will be doing a art project and mess up. I've been putting the finishing touches and I mess it up.

  5. MotherofZar says:

    how awesome! looks really professional

  6. Rick Trier says:

    Perfect work, congratulations.

  7. someone someone says:

    Did 486 people hit dislike by mistake? or they are a bunch of haters?

  8. Aussie Pride says:

    600 cigarettes later

  9. john laine says:

    well done young man !

  10. cruising grandma says:

    wow looks so cool

  11. Theo Sherman says:

    I like everything about this except for the legs

  12. Tanveer Ahmad says:

    Beautiful arts and last part of video is too good specially chilled beer…

  13. Lloyd Snyder says:

    That turned out beautiful bud! Really nice job.

  14. Who's That says:

    A+ recovery!

  15. Gaitchecker says:

    it looked better with the beer bottle on top

  16. Luis Stanker says:

    absolut wonderful… u a real Artist.

  17. Nykira Sharp says:

    put leds in it

  18. Samo Tech says:

    Eres un crack!!! congrats!

  19. Angel Castellanos says:

    presiosa. obra. felicidades. x tanto. talento. 😃

  20. Bill Farr says:

    I agree with Glen L. That is an awesome table. You can also add some lights seince you can get to it from the bottom. Nice job.

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