Vintage Trunk Turned Treasure

What starts as a trip to the thrift store..ends with a one-of-a-kind coffee table. See how an old trunk gets a complete transformation, not to mention, “new legs.” This video will show you how the trunk was painted teal blue, how wooden legs were stained and screwed to the bottom, and how deteriorated leather handles were replaced with a leather belt (bought at the the thrift store, as well!) It’s the ultimate Repurposed Project, as nearly every material used had a former life.

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20 Responses to Vintage Trunk Turned Treasure

  1. javie793 says:

    Odd choice on glass size

  2. ahmed ba says:

    عمل مبتدئين لا اتقان واختيار الالوان خاطئ . لا يجب دهن الحديد والخشب معا . i don't speak English

  3. Leslie Denise Huey says:

    this is so awesome

  4. Lorrie Cummings says:

    What kind of paint & color I love that color. I have 2 trunks they're both leather and pealing still has the original leather straps like this one with the a strap broke, but they both have the original hardware . One also has the original paper on the inside it sort of like wall paper that one has all the information about the man where he was stationed where he was being shipped. I googled him his name & address he had been in WW11. I hate to totally demolish that one it still has his name , address, where he was stationed and his next deployment. Jets vert
    It's very cool.

  5. blueblossomblues says:

    Sorry but it looked so much better green and it would have worked with your living room. That turquoise is the wrong blue for the room but anyway.. just hurting for the original colour..

  6. Norma's Daughter Cupcake Jaydi! says:


  7. stedmans4christ says:

    What kind of paint did you use to paint the trunk? Was that stain on top of the paint?

  8. Herbalistics 9 says:

    Love your work. Great job.

  9. mnmb3640 says:

    Only comment I had was, what hardware store you shop at that charges $12 ea for legs? I could get 4 legs for about $16. Looks good

  10. jancyirani rani says:


  11. harshita sharma says:

    Thanks for the great video..🙂
    Can you tell us which paint are you using in the video??

  12. Oreo Benavidez says:


  13. Stephen Layton says:

    I just die when i see these painted… to each their own. Good video! 🙂

  14. Mandy Pandy says:

    That came out so nice!

  15. Bob Appelzoller says:

    nice job Marcy !! 🙂

  16. sabry my says:

    Omg I'll keep that original color,,,,

  17. Un Tal Francisco Javier says:

    hi, I like your channel but i am still waiting for more videos please, learning from you.

    Greetings from tampa florida.

  18. ShabbyDIY says:

    Great job, I like your videos! Would you like to collaborate with me?

  19. William Lutes says:

    gonna enjoy checking out the rest of the channel……came out awesome !

  20. Mel Vang says:

    I really like your video's, please post more. Thanks!!

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