What is your coffee table style?

What is your coffee table style?

The right coffee table sets a style statement of the room and this is why, you cannot make a hasty decision when choosing one. Coffee tables are the centre of attraction in a living room, a reception area, or any other room where a seating area has been created. It is used a lot and that is why people will always notice it, even if they don’t notice your other decor elements like cushions and works of art. This is why when you look at wood coffee table designs, you need to choose one that is not just sturdy and fulfils the functional requirements, but is also stylish and gives the room a sense of style.

A coffee table will not just complete your living room furniture, it will lend it personality and character as well. For example, a sleek contemporary coffee table with a glass top and a leggy chrome design creates a minimalistic look, and that means you can combine it with stylish plush sofas and neutral colour rugs for a very sophisticates and modern touch for your room. On the other hand, a chunky table that has hidden drawers inside and has an unfinished wood surface will look great with traditional furniture and some intelligent accessorizing and will create a casual, understated vibe for the room. For an elegant classical room, a carved coffee table with a high design and carved wooden legs will be the ideal choice to set the tone of the room.

However, it helps to remember that today the market is full of options in stylish coffee table wood designs that are multi-functional. Some have a glass top and chrome legs with a chrome shelf beneath that can be used for storage. Here you can create an interesting display of books and bowls that will show through the glass top and this idea works best for tables that are so small that decorating the top surface will reduce functionality. Another choice can be a low height wooden coffee table with a glass top in a square or rectangular design where the wooden base can be taken out to put in pebbles, colourful balls, petals and even potpourri to decorate the table. However even those with a simple iron wood coffee table can create a stylish statement by placing an oddball object on the surface – something like a wooden sculpture or a quirky bowl that expresses their personality.

A trunk coffee table is excellent for a casual room and offers critical storage space inside. The top surface can be decorated casually as well, with a few candles and large white porcelain vase to create an interesting display that plays with scale and heights. Also, this arrangement will look great in your child’s bedroom with a couple of love seats where friends can sit and play, while the storage space inside the trunk can be used to store toys and books. Just make sure that while accessorising any coffee table makes it become a focal point, the accessories must be chosen keeping in mind the personality of the room itself.

While a carved coffee table is perfect for a traditional setting, a contemporary coffee table that has a unique shape is perfect for a modern home. You can also opt to have hidden storage space in either of the decorating styles.

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