Why Teak Bathroom Furniture Is Better

Why Teak Bathroom Furniture Is Better

Teak is well known around the world due to its supremacy to other woods in a variety of aspects, including in the manufacture of teak bathroom furniture. Chiefly because of its predisposition to repel moisture it is chosen for such tasks. The toughness and resilience make it the wood of choice for other functions like outdoor furniture in addition to bathroom furnishings. Teak wood derives its strength and weathering capacity from its denseness, this also accounts for its increased strength in comparison to other hard woods of similar proportions.

In areas of Western India, teak relics dating over 2,000 years in age have been found to be in good working condition still. The elevated content of oil that organically occurs in teak wood, aides it in its ability to withstand exposure to the elements without decay. Areas that are normally very moist don’t seem to negatively affect teak wood furniture as they do other types. This is the primary reason that people prize teak wood for use in areas that are known to have an elevated amount of humidity.

Teak wood is not an inexpensive wood, some large trees fetch high amounts (up to $ 30,000 US). While the price continues to move upwards for teak wood, don’t be fooled by some furniture. The highest priced furnishings aren’t always the best ones.

Indian, Nepalese, and Thai areas are some of the places where teak grows naturally. Unfortunately, in some of these areas the teak trees have been over-harvested in recent years and they are becoming very rare. In light of this dilemma, a few countries have begun regulating teak exportation and re-planting in an effort to keep the teak tree around for years to come. Not all teak exporters practice this kind of conservation, ample research should be done by consumers to make sure they choose only sustainable teak products.

The technical classification for teak wood is Tectona Grandis. There are a number of things that make this wood so good and long lasting. The sap of the teak tree contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial elements which help it combat disease and decay. It also contains silica and rubber components which also help in repelling rain, snow, and moisture in general. The teak tree typically grows to about 150 feet in height at which time it is approximately 80 years of age. This mature tree then can be harvested for use in manufacturing a great number of things.

The most desirable portion of the teak tree to be used in the production of furniture is the heart wood. It is comprised of the highest quality wood of the entire tree. Typically, it is straighter and more solid that the rest of the trunk. This is why this portion of the trunk is better for producing exceptional furniture grade material. The combination of teak wood’s qualities of durability and strength make it the ideal choice for items that will see intense use.

The wood is very dense yet pliable enough to keep it from breaking under stress. When it does break, it doesn’t splinter like most woods do. This is a reason that it was used to build a number of naval vessels in the 18th century. When teak wood was hit by a cannon ball it didn’t cause as many additional wounds from splinters like oak and other traditional hardwoods. While your teak bathroom furniture probably won’t encounter many cannon balls, it is still one of the best types of wood you can use for such an area of your home.

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