Xmas Tree Care – Real Is Easy!

Xmas Tree Care – Real Is Easy!

Those people who have artificial Xmas trees will almost always never admit it but, when they see and smell the fragrance of a real Xmas tree they would swap their artificial Xmas tree in a second. The aroma alone of real Xmas trees, such as the Nordman Fir or Fraser Fir, is enough to bring to the surface those great memories that come with the spirit of the Xmas season.

Many people who do have artificial trees believe that there is too much work involved however with these tips and hints of how to choose and care for your real Xmas tree I can hopefully convince some of you to make the minimal effort and treat yourself and your family to the real thing this Xmas.

Xmas trees, such as the Fraser Fir or Nordman Fir can be cared for as follows (most real Xmas trees can be cared for in the same way):

Choose Your Xmas Tree:

Choose the Xmas tree that suits your house. You don’t want a wonderful Nordman Fir delivered to your home only to find that it is 2 feet too tall for your room. Or, while the tree is ok, you can not put your favorite ornament on it without bending the tip of the tree sideways. Make sure you check the height of the tree against the height of your room.

Choose a Xmas tree that has a shape that will fit into the area you want to place it within your home. So make sure the Fraser Fir you have chosen is the right height and shape to fit between those lounge chairs or coffee table and that you don’t have to empty your room to make room for the Xmas tree.

Choose the Xmas tree that suits you, while Nordman Fir and Fraser Fir are very popular choices for trees there are others so you are not restricted to these as absolute traditional choices.

Care for Your Xmas Tree:

Make sure your tree Christmas stand is the correct size for the tree you are purchasing. Making sure you have enough water storage for the size of your tree.

You choose the position for your tree in conjunction with the size available in your room and the tree itself. Now you need to make sure that you have not put your Nordman Fir right next to any heat sources. Any electrical appliances, including your television will generate heat and these appliances will dry out the tree. More importantly you want to avoid any fire risk so move all appliances away.

Make sure that you designate a person in your house to be responsible for checking the water daily. When you have chosen that person, make sure you check yourself daily. The trunk of the tree needs to be at all times below the water line otherwise the trunk may seal itself and then no water will be drawn into the Xmas tree.

Remove any needles that have dropped and are either in the water or near to any electrical connections.

All Xmas Trees

Take care with the placement and maintenance of any lights that you use on your Xmas tree. Make sure that you have replaced any old bulbs and that you are not overloading your electrical system by using too many light sets on any one plug or extension unit that is powering the Xmas tree lights.

Turn off your Xmas tree lights in the evening before retiring, or alternatively purchase a timer to automatically switch the lights off.

As you can see, the care of your tree is not such a task and the benefit of a real Xmas tree over an artificial one is definitely worth it. The best thing is you can assign these small tasks to those junior members of the family which gives them more memories of Xmas. They can tell their grand children in years to come how it was their job to make sure the Xmas tree had water so that it still looked its best when Santa came to deliver all those Xmas presents. They are sure to never ever forget the amazing aroma either!

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